1st Choice Saguaro Relocation, Installation, and Removal
What We Do
  1. Saguaro Removal
    Saguaro Removal
    Do you have a fallen saguaro, a saguaro that you don't want, or one that you want replaced? We have you covered! We provide removal services for your tall, native plant!
  2. Saguaro Installations
    Saguaro Installations
    We will find you your dream saguaro according to the size you most prefer!
  3. Saguaro Recovery
    Saguaro Recovery
    Things happen during monsoon season! Sometimes the wind catches tall plants like trees and saguaros. We will do our absolute best to recover a beauty like this, so you don't lose your precious, pokey friend.
  4. Saguaro Relocation
    Saguaro Relocation
    Are you moving, and want to bring your saguaro with you, or just need that baby moved to the other side of the swimming pool? We can do it! We can relocate your saguaro to wherever you need, while maintaining its beauty!
  5. Landscaping
    We provide landscaping services and maintenance upon request. Call for consultation!
About Us
We are a family owned business, dedicated to making your landscape more beautiful, using the majestic saguaro as our number one tool.

Our saguaros are priced by foot and location of removal/relocation.

We offer other services, such as landscape maintenance, irrigation, plant sales, and handy work.

Please call for quotes and consultations.

Thank you!

1st Choice Saguaro

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